Are you loved to travel with ski? Have you planned for a ski vacation? But getting the ski gear is so tricky and exclusive when you want to plan with planes
In this situation, you may try our ski shipping service. Shipping ski is our exclusive service that helps you to make winter sports trip easy.
Our top tips for shipping skis with snowboards have shared into this post.


Ship skis

How can ship skis

Why do you need ski shipping service? It works to save your excess unexpected overweight fees and to carry baggage. It makes you travel so light and you can ship your ski at a low price.

It also saves time and you don’t need to wait for your luggage. You can travel with baggage free and make your journey enjoyable.Your travel can be more comfortable and you can jump on a taxi, bus or train without hauling skis.


1. Ski delivery address

To get your ski and snowboards, the correct location is significant.
So, use the correct address and contact details. Fixed the right date when you desire to receive your bags.
If you don’t use your contact details correctly, it makes a hazard. When you fill-up the following point, you will get your ski and snowboard with no trouble.

2. Measure the ski shipment

Our shipping price depends on the size and weight of the ski. So, when you make an order for ski delivery, you need to measure the items correctly. It would help if you measured with the length and width of the things. To avoid extra charge, you have to measure the items accurately.

3. Package your skis

One of the most significant but demanding tasks is to package the shipping skis with snowboards properly.
It isn’t effortless to wrap into the perfect shape.

Here a few tips for packing that make your job easy.

  • Take a strong and enough space boxes as your skis. Don’t try to use reusing or damage boxes to pack.
  • Use a large and sufficient space box. Don’t use small box.
  • But too much big bag won’t suitable for skis. In this case, the items will move too much that can risk damaging the products.
  • After selecting the perfect bag, pack it properly so that the item won’t damage anyway.
  • You also can use bubble wrap inside the pack for an excellent safety.
  • If you want to make the task easier, you can check our page to get more information on packing and labeling.


With our reliable and efficient ski shipping service or shipping luggage service, you can ship your essential elements around the world. We can deliver your shipping materials to your exact resort address into the fixed date.

We develop our shipping service continuously. Plus, we try to offer our client the best shipping luggage service with lower price. We offer ski shipping service around the world.

We don’t charge any extra fee from our clients for booking or as a hidden charge. We feel proud for this type of service with no additional cost and complete care.

So, we recommend our clients to book the skis before a few days ago so that the luggage or bag can arrive at the right time. In this case, you can get your items when you reach your destination. It saves your time and money as well.

Ending point

It would be best if you kept in mind that proper packing, correct address, fixed right time with accurate contact details are the essential factor to get ski shipping service.

Follow the tips and apply them and welcome to get our special skis shipping service with snowboard.