Shipping goods to overseas, particularly ship to Australia from USA, shouldn’t be seen as a difficult task, though at the beginning it can look assiduous. A number of shipping options are available which you can select from. There are cost-effective shipping services with brands that you are familiar with to ship to Australia from USA. We can assist you in finding an overseas delivery price in a matter of seconds depending on the size and weight of your package.
Our shipping service can send goods to a number of countries throughout the world which include and not limited to US, Canada, Europe countries, AU, UAE, Qatar, Oman, SA, JP, Korea, HK, SG, TW Malaysia, and New Zealand among others.
Some of the items we ship are luggage, box, golf clubs, ski, and snowboards.

What are our main services?

• US domestic shipping services (ground or express)
• US international outbound services (express or economy, from US to over 220 other countries)
• US international inbound service (express service from over 190 countries to US).
• Warehouse storage service (6 months free storage service by using our shipping services)

Why you should work with us?

• Door to door with full tracking
• World class shipping suppliers: FedEx and DHL
• The best shipping price (save up to 60% for international and 70% for US domestic)
• 7*24 customer service by phone, email and online chat
• Flexible pick up and drop off options

What is the benefit for using our services?

The benefit for using luggage to ship• Save money
• Save time
• Trip light without hassle

This is how we operate:

Customer place order online -> LTS send shipping label -> Customer attaches the label to luggage -> luggage is picked up by carrier or dropped off by customer -> Carrier deliver luggage to door. LTS does not touch luggage, carrier does and delivers the shipment to the destination.

Lowest shipping cost

In a customer dominated environment, companies must ensure that they find every means to compete. It might appear to be difficult to contend with a portion of the bigger retailers of the world, however with regards to shipping, having the available lowest shipping rates can enable you to remain in the discussion.

What Is the Cheapest Shipping Option?

What used to be the most economical shipping method is now priced inline or even more costly than some of the more reliable carriers. The best options which are considered being the cheapest is FedEx

What amount does it cost to ship an oversized package?

There are no fixed prices for oversized or large packages. There are some factors which serve as determinant of the shipping cost; some of them are listed below:
• How big the package is
• How heavy the package is
• Where you want to ship it to
• Which courier you want to book
• How quickly it needs to arrive

Luggage shipping service

Luggage to ship  service provides a premium luggage shipping service. Carrier representatives can come to your door directly and ensure that your luggage is retrieved and in addition to this, they ensure that your luggage makes it to your preferred destination before you do. Luggage To Ship has drop-off facility also.

We always try to provide the best shipping  services for our customer like ship to Australia from USA
Luggage’s are sent to the airport, this is done to reduce the stress of checking the luggage, ensuring that everything is not heavy and are within the normal size, and also ensure that your luggage’s are delivered to your destination when you do? Baggage delivery is guaranteed with luggage shipping service. Based on research, it was revealed that a total of over 40 million pieces of luggage are lost on yearly basis, while almost a million are never recovered. It is important that you avoid this type of disappointing saga.

 Golf clubs shipping has not been so easy, however with luggage shipping service we have got you covered. With luggage shipping service, the process becomes easy and economical. When you ship with us, there is no need to fill complicated forms because we have made everything easy for you. All you need to do is to follow the steps of packing and LuggageToShip will send you shipping label to attach on your golf bag. In addition to golf shipping, other services we offer includes student shipping, ski shipping, snowboard shipping.