In the past days when golfer and people who play golf as a form of recreation have to stand in the airports and think of how much extra they would be paying for excess baggage. Traveling with your golf clubs can pose a lot of challenges as there are a lot of things to put into consideration. These factors could include; how can I reduce the cost of traveling, how do I transport my golf clubs without getting them damaged, how do I get my comfort while traveling to my final destination and so on. The logistic shipping company of Luggage To Ship (LTS) has made these question a thing of the past, as they offer varieties of shipping services which covers the transportation of your luggage and in this case your golf clubs to the destination of your choice.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your golf clubs get to where you need it safely and on time also.

  1. Bagging your golf club: getting yourself a good carrying case is so essential, the decision you make on which carrying case to buy goes a long way in making sure your clubs are safe from any form of damage. Most people buy hard shell cases to carry their clubs which is not the best option, there is a high possibility that the clubs might crack but, if you get a soft shell case for your clubs, you can rest assured of the safe movement of the golf club to your doorstep.
  2. Arrangement and shipping of your clubs: after getting your case, the next step is to package your clubs and make your shipping luggage arrangement with Luggage To Ship . You can do this by placing an order through their customer service support which is available 24hours 7 days a week. It is advisable to send your clubs and any other luggage days before you embark on any journey to ensure it gets there before you do.
  3. Tracking: with LTS, you are allowed to track the movements of the clubs you have shipped which has made them stand out from their peers. All that is offered by LTS is at a very reduced rate and very affordable for even the average man.

Why should you make use of LTS for your golf clubs?

Luggage To Ship has been in service for a long time and have had a lot of experience in shipping golf clubs which has made them very experienced in doing this, they have also created a partnership with the likes of DHL and FedEx which makes them operate in so many countries. With their partnership with companies like DHL and FedEx has made their operation to be done both locally and internationally while still operating the door to door services all at a very low cost. Now, what is your excuse for not involving LTS in transporting and shipping your golf clubs while you have a very comfy trip?

How can I place an order to carry my luggage?

Now, we have established that Luggage To Ship . is one of the best shipping company that offers their customers a wide range of services, we need to show you the steps to ship your luggage through LTS, this can be done by following simple steps;

  1. The customer should open the Luggage To Ship . website, check the price and place an order
  2. LTS then sends a shipping label to the customer
  3. The customer then proceeds to attach that label sent by LTS to the luggage.
  4. The luggage is then picked up by one of the preferred carriers or is dropped by the customer depending on which is convenient for the customer.
  5. 5The carrier then ships and deliver the luggage at the stated destination indicated by the customer.